How To Use Light As Art

How To Use Light As Art

Designing spaces is like hiring a cast for a movie.

There are lead actors, supporting roles, and extras. Leads are your focal point that create a big impact while supporting actors help make your focal point look even better. The extras are simply there to fill the space and complete your design. While there are many ways to hire a cast for a movie, there are also several options when it comes to interior design. Let’s make lighting the star of the show and determine how to use light as art.

Vc Lighting

What would your lead actor be in your home? Maybe it is a grand chandelier in your foyer, or a pendant in your master bedroom, perhaps even Leonardo DiCaprio in your chair. 😀

Leonardo In Redux

Ok, in all seriousness though, lighting is a great option to choose as your lead actor.

When we use light as art, the goal is to create a focal point, or to fall back into the supporting actor role and enhance other features in the space.

You may be surprised by all of the different lighting possibilities out there today. We can thank LED technology for that. LED lights use less electricity which means that wires are much smaller and in turn allows for some amazing configurations. It truly is a piece of art!

Let’s get to those supporting actors now. First and most importantly, we need to make sure that the lead role and the supporting actors get along. This is the key to a successful layered lighting plan. Supporting actors can be anything from wall sconces, to lamps, to pendants. They can also serve to light your art. .redux

And finally we get to our extras. The ones that fly under the radar but complete the intended look. These are things like recessed lighting, can lighting, and in-cabinet lighting.

It’s a wrap!

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